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Pangya Clocks

Service Closure Announcement

The official Annuncement of Pangya Closure
1 November 2016

Hello Pangyateers,

It is with our heavy hearts that we announce the closure of Pangya (
Pangya will be officially closed on December 12, 2016 and will remain accessible until that date.
We thank you for your support over the years and countless memorable experiences on Pangya.

Game Changes
With today’s scheduled maintenance (11/2), players will notice the following changes in the game : 

         Removal of all RP (points) items from the shop 
         Removal of Gacha menu 
         Removal of Nickname change (from the options) 
         Removal of Ticker messages (scrolling messages) 
         Removal of Recharge button

Ingame RP (points) Purchases
All RP purchases made in Pangya since October 1st, 2016 until today will be automatically returned to your accounts (in RP).
Players are not required to perform any additional action to receive the RP and the exact date will be announced separately in the near future.

Ingame Bonus Rates
Beginning today, Pangya will have the following bonuses permanently applied. 

         Date : 11/02 ~ 12/12 
         400% Pang bonus 
         400% EXP bonus 
         200% Rain bonus 
         200% Club Mastery bonus

With our treasured memories, we thank you once again for your support.
- Pangya Team

Pangya Leaderboard and Signature Generator

Welcome to

Pangya Signature Generator

For all players who want to share their personal records, I made this website where you can create a dynamic image to add in the forum's signature.

 The image is dynamically updated with data from your character stats. So if you e.g. change level, just change it on the generator-page and the image will update as well (when reloaded).

Pangya Signature Generator is very easy to use: choose a background you like, among the dozens available, enter your record, click to Insert/Update to generate the image and copy the code in your signature.

In addiction I have made a Leaderboard, which can give rankings for diffrent stat such as, hio, total course record, and you can sort each single course record too. Can also filter down by Guild.

With new Season of Pangya, called Grand Prix, there is a new Natural Mode, so I have made 2 diffrent Leaderboards. First called Original where are stored the classic records, and second called Natural, where are stored the records make in Natural Mode.

All you need to do is go to register to the website. Registration is simple and require an email activation, so you have to provide a valid email address. 
After successful login, click on "Edit Pangya Scores" in the Right Menu. To view the rankings, making the choice in the "Leaderboard" Menu at the top of the site.

For those who do not want to register, it is still available the Public Version
ote that the Public Version do not store any data or cookies, so when you return in site you will need to re-enter all of the data.


Only for registered user, I have made a small version (385x105 px) of signature generator. This version is more customizable, you can choose not only a background but also a custom avatar.

This is an example



In your Signature you can view your Pangya Original and Natural scores at same time.

Although this site can be used by players of all Pangya Servers (Global, Korea, Japan and Thai), guilds and ranking of this site refer to the Global server (Pangya Us). If your guild is not listed, please contact the administrator using the form on the site, or send him a pm, and add it as soon as possible.
Only Guilds on Pangya Us (Global) will be added.